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June 14, 2012 Posted by geordie in blog

How To Be More Productive: The Big 3 and Evernote

I can't claim that this is my original system, but while drafting our blogging media plan earlier this week, one of our blogging categories are How To's, and the Big 3 technique is something I've wanted to promote for some time, because it works. Stephen Covey talks about the big rocks in his 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and more recently Leo Babauta wrote about his system Zen To Done System of getting your Most Important Tasks done early in your day. BTW: If you've not heard of Leo's Blog, check it out at


The Big 3 is a principle where you decide the most important 3 tasks for you to accomplish in your day and get them down as soon as possible. You should decide these what these tasks are first thing in the morning, or ideally the afternoon or night before the following day. These should be things that push you further towards achieving your longer term goals, which should also be written out in terms of the year, the quarter, the month and the week. Of course, revisit these goals often to see how you are meeting them, or how they should be adjusted. The purpose of the Big 3 is that you should make your short list, and attempt to complete every item as early on as possible, so that if a number of other "fires" pop-up that need to be extinguished (customer support issues, emergencies), you can attend to them but still have achieved the items that do the most to move forward your business. It's a simple system, but if you stick to it, I can attest that it works because it forces you to think about the important things that you need to get done on a daily basis, it makes you analyze your goals, and then concentrates on the doing of these tasks, which after all is what makes us more productive. Read more

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Hotel Blogging: Make a media plan

Should your hotel be blogging? Personally, I think every business should be blogging but don't take my word for it. Just ask hotels like the Roger Smith Hotel in New York that consistently runs at an envious above 80% occupancy, in a city where hotels are on nearly every street corner. The Hacienda Tres Rios in the Riviera de Maya also runs its own hotel blog very successfully, and takes its social media seriously. Do they feel like blogging is an important part of their social media plan? They certainly do, you can see their response in our interview with them.


When it comes to blogging, it's more than just selecting a key word that you are targeting. Blogging professionals such as Chris Brogan recently suggested creating a blogging media plan, and then sticking to it. He selected the following categories as good ones to stick with, but your hotel can choose others that target your local area, things to do (in your area), or other strengths and assets you may be using to attract visitors. Read more

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Secure Mobile Printing, Your Guests Want It!

Does your hotel currently supply secure mobile printing? If not, they should consider it. About 3 weeks ago, I spent 4 hours working in the Business Center for an Intercontinental Hotel in Puerto Vallarta. During those 4 hours, I listened to a guest curse and swear at both himself, and the situation as he frustratingly went back and forth between the front desk trying to print up his boarding pass. At one point, he was even asking me if I knew how to make a printout in .pdf format, then send an email through the local email client on the work station, which wasn't set up for security reasons. At the end of this long exercise, I recognized the opportunity and necessity for hotels to carry secure mobile printing, and also the value in making sure hotel work stations and business centers at least did the minimum of what they're supposed to do, make print outs of a local print job.


Oddly enough in the same week we received a sales lead from two prominent global chains representing around 80 hotels just in Mexico, they all had a simple request, secure mobile printing. That was enough for us to start a new research project on which was the best way to do provide this service. Secure Mobile Printing is a real‐time cloud printing solution that allows anyone to print anywhere via any internet device (including iPads, iOS devices, Android devices, BlackBerries, wireless laptops, etc) without any software, cables or complex set‐up. The solution caters to mobile professionals, who need 24/7 access to print documents anywhere and to businesses that want to increase their revenue streams, save money and improve customer satisfaction.

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June 6, 2012 Posted by geordie in blog

Hotel WiFi: To be free, or not to be free

Should your hotel be providing free Internet? We recently ran an experiment by asking this very question on a few prominent Hotel Groups on LinkedIn. "Does anyone know how to monetize hotel technology outside of charging for the Internet?" The question started not only lively debate, but also a stream of different opinions, ideas and commentary with more than 62 comments and being the most discussed topic on the Hotels Group with thousands of community members which range from hoteliers, IT system managers, industry journalists, interested travelers and technology providers. What did the industry insiders have to say about free Hotel Internet? The results surprised me.

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